Symposium program

8:00-9:00am Registration open
9:00am Introductory remarks

Session 1

Steve Smith
Recent ICA-related advances: The functional hierarchy of the resting & active brain, and Methodology for cross-subject RSN comparisons

Bharat Biswal
Multi-site Validation of Resting State fMRI

Michael Greicius
Plasticity in Resting-State Networks

10:30am Coffee Break

Session 2

Michael Milham
Establishing the significance of inter-individual differences in resting state functional connectivity

Vinod Menon
Development of large-scale functional and structural brain networks in children

Yufeng Zang
Episodic memory consolidation, ApoE genotype and resting-state fMRI

12:15pm Lunch

Session 3

Serge Rombouts
Pharmacologically induced changes in resting state networks

William Seeley
Network-based Neurodegeneration

Vesa Kiviniemi
Functional segmentation of the brain cortex based on resting state signal sources

3:00pm Coffee Break

Session 4

Andreas Kleinschmidt
Probing the functional significance of spontaneous activity fluctuations

Marcus Raichle

4:45pm Concluding Remarks
5:00-6:30pm Poster Reception